Shipping Information

How is my shipping calculated?
• All shipping is calculated through the carrier’s real-time feed. The shipping
calculation is based on both the product weight and size as well as the final
destination of the product.
• Your shipping cost can be calculated by entering in your State, City, and Zip Code of
the final destination. This is done on the Cart page.

When will my item ship?
• Items will ship within 2-3 business days after your order is cleared by your chosen
payment method. Note: Holidays and weekends are not considered business days.

How can I verify when my item has shipped?
• You can create an account and check on your dashboard for your orders and
shipping information.
• We will send an email with the tracking information when your order has shipped.
(Please check your spam folder)
• You can also send us an email via support page with your order number.

Why hasn’t my order arrived?
• Please note that it is out of our control when your order is dropped off at the carrier
or picked up by carrier. You can always send us an email via support page with your
order number and tracking number, and we will check on the status.