Return & Refund Policy

• Return policy – Please contact us prior to returning any items. All return items will
be handled in a case-by-case basis. We will review the circumstances and are
entitled to refuse any returns. We strive to ship all items well-packaged; however,
there will be times when the carrier damages shipping items. Please submit photos
of damaged shipping boxes prior to opening both the box and the damaged contents
before contacting us.

• Refund policy – Refunds will be provided immediately before the items ship; please
contact us as soon as possible following the order placement. In the event that your
item has shipped, we will issue a refund as soon as the product is back in our
possession. Please note that if your item has shipped your shipping cost may not be
fully refunded.

• Pre-order refund policy – Partial payments will not be refunded for any pre-ordered
items if they cancelled at any time. Certain products require partial payments due to
the cost of said items.
Contact Info: email: Phone: (832) 359-8535