Transformers Beast Wars – Rhinox




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Transformers Beast Wars – Heroic Maximal Rhinox

From: Hasbro                      released in 1999

New in package – Package has life wear dings and dents on clear plastic. Please zoom at picture for condition of package.


Maximal Rhinox Function: Defense. The ground shakes with a terrible thunder as jungle trees snap like twigs. The noise draws closer in a cloud of dust and dirt. A herd of stampeding elephants? No. It is Rhinox, defending his territory from Predacon attackers! Courageous and cunning, has never backed down from battle, nor been injured in any way. Not even double-barreled laser cannons can cut through his triple-thick, steel-plated skin! If he comes your way, run for cover….fast!!!!!

Collect them all!

For Ages 5+

Figure will be shipped in a box with maximum protection.