Transformers Beast Wars – Optimus Minor




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Transformers Beast Wars – Heroic Maximal Optimus Minor

From: Hasbro                                    released in 1998

New in package – package has life wear dings and dents on clear plastic. Please zoom on picture.


Maximal Optimus Minor function: Ground Commando. Due to Megatron’s rash cloning experiments, the Maximals are joined by another new ally; Optimus Minor is a cybernetically – enhanced monkey with unparelled speed and agility. Possessing superior balance and climbing abilities, this highly intelligent cyber-primate must learn to control hostile instincts – a side-effect to Megatron’s experiments – and a ferocious advantage in battle. The Predacons learned quickly that Optimus Minor’s presence is no laughing matter.

Collect all the Beast Wars; will be a great addition to your collection!

For Ages 5+

Figure will be shipped in a box with maximum protection.