The Walking Dead – Daryl and Merle Dixon




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The Walking Dead (2-pack set) – Daryl and Merle Dixon

From: McFarlane Toys

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Brothers Daryl and Merle Dixon are longtime survivors of the walker outbreak, and now you can bring both of them home with The Walking Dead TV Series Four 5″ Action Figure 2-Pack. It comes with an assortment of accessories like Daryl’s dependable crossbow, Merle’s weapon, a pickaxe, and prison keys. Merle even wears his bayonet hand, the result of an unfortunate amputation. Includes two action figures Designed as Daryl and Merle Dixon, two brothers from the iconic TV show, Daryl is dressed in a tank and pants, with a removable knife in a hip holster. Merle wears a shirt, jacket, and pants, with a bayonet hand replacing his amputated one. Featured Accessories: Daryl’s crossbow, Merle’s weapon, a pickaxe, a regular axe, a separate knife, and prison keys. Multiple points of articulation allow for custom poses. Quality resin construction. Height: 5 inches

For Ages 13+